Mike Hadlow

Sussex based C#/.NET developer

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I have a 20 year track record of delivering complex software projects, especially large-scale web and service oriented architectures serving millions of customers using the Microsoft .NET stack. Find out how I can create software to meet your requirements.

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Software architecture questions? Hard to solve technical hurdles? Software development team and process challenges? Problems with scaling, deployment and stability? I have a decade of experience helping companies overcome these issues.

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I am the author of a number of successful open source projects including the most popular client library for RabbitMQ on .NET, EasyNetQ. I also write a popular software development blog, Code Rant, speak at developer events and run a monthly meetup for software developers.

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Recent Clients


7digital is Europe's leading B2B digital media platform provider. I helped 7digital build large parts of the Juke.com platform back-end, including authentication, payment systems and partner integrations (such as the SONOS music player). Juke is a streaming music platform built for Media Saturn to serve the German market.


15below is the world's leading airline integration services company. I provided them with architectural and software process consultancy and helped build their software development team.

The Pensions Regulator

TPR is the UK agency for pensions regulation. I provided The Pensions Regulator with software architecture and process consultancy. I also lead the team which implemented their case management solution.

The Civil Aviation Authority

The CAA is the UK's aviation regulator. I helped architect and implement the UK's aircraft registry.

ACE Insurance

ACE Insurance (now Chubb Limited) is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. I architected and implemented a number of systems integration projects and mentored the team on service oriented architecture and web service implementation.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media are the UK's leading cable TV and telephone provider. I helped implement the digital TV provisioning system.

Software Development

With over 20 years experience delivering mission critical enterprise software projects, I am a safe pair of hands over the complete software life-cycle.

I have particular experience and interest with the following:

  • Modern development practice: continuous integration and delivery, Test-driven, Git, DevOps.
  • The Microsoft .NET software development stack including C# since version 1.0.
  • Web / HTTP implementation, particularly highly scalable web services.
  • Large scale architectures, including microservices / SOA and messaging.
  • Application architecture. I'm particularly interested in issues around composition.
  • Functional programming in C# and F#.
  • I relish implementation challenges such as complex systems integrations, authentication systems, parsers etc.

I'm happy to work under any of the following arrangements:

  • Hourly rate contracting. Please contact me for rates. I prefer to work remotely.
  • Project based delivery. This is where you, the client, provide a specification and I deliver working software. With my extensive network of skilled and experienced freelance developers, I can also put together teams for any size of project. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I like to work in close partnership with my customers. I'm a firm believer in delivering rapidly in short iterations with continuous deployment. I love the technology, but your business comes first.

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I can provide the following consulting services:

  • Code review.
  • Software architectural review and consultancy.
  • Software development process and life cycle consultancy.
  • Training/consulting in advanced object-oriented and functional software techniques.
  • Helping you hire the best people.
  • Using open source software with .NET.

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I am the author of EasyNetQ, the leading API for RabbitMQ on .NET.

EasyNetQ is open source, free to use and released under the liberal MIT licence.

Github repository is here.

"EasyNetQ has proven to be a very useful library for integrating RabbitMQ and .NET. Mike has done excellent work, both authoring EasyNetQ and growing the community around it."

Alexis Richardson, RabbitMQ

Open Source

My GitHub profile.

Some of my projects:

  • Guitar Dashboard. A music theory explorer for guitarists. Uses SVG driven by Typescript.
  • AsmSpy. A very popular utility for viewing Assembly version conflicts.
  • Tardis Bank. A little software-as-a-service pocket money tracker that I originally built for my son, Leo, and free for anyone to use.
  • SocSnap. A Raspberry Pi and Twitter based social picture device. One of my rare forays into C programming.
  • Suteki Shop. This is a complete open source eCommerce platform, originally designed for a fashion company.


I started my blog Code Rant in 2007. I alternate between writing technical articles about my current interests and more broad essays on the state of modern software development. Code Rant posts have held the number one spot on both Hacker News and Reddit and on a typical week day I'll receive around 1000 visits.

Some of the most popular opinion posts:

Muti-post technical articles:


I have been a regular speaker at developer events both in the UK and Europe, and have been a guest on some popular developer podcasts including DotNetRocks and the European Virtual ALT NET. Here is a selection:


Hi. My name is Mike Hadlow. I have been programming computers since I was 14 when my poor parents gave into my constant nagging and bought me a Tandy 'Trash' TRS-80. My younger brother still remembers hearing the clattering keyboard late into the night as I hacked away at my latest space lander game.

I have been programming with .NET since Microsoft released the first alpha in 2000. I'm somewhat of a C# fan boy, but I do enjoy playing with other programming languages. Recently I've been learning Haskell and Rust. From 1998 I have worked as freelance software engineer in more teams and on more projects than I care to remember.

I keep an office in Brighton and live in the beautiful medieval town of Lewes, just a few miles from the south coast, with my wife and two kids.


For all enquiries, please contact me using the email address below. Suteki Ltd is my consulting company.

Email: mike@suteki.co.uk

Twitter: @mikehadlow